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Your special day, you planned for months, is finally here!  It feels so unreal, time really flew and now you’re scared it will be over to quickly. If you think carefully, your choice of photographer is the most important decision to be made for your wedding day.  The reason?  The flowers will look pretty for a day, the food smell and taste good for a few minutes, etc . Your pictures will capture every detail of this memorable day, forever! You can relive your day – years after – when you page through your wedding album.

Memories are very important to all of us. Everyone likes to share their special memories with other people. Memories are one of the few things that define us as human, and it is closely linked to our emotions – it brings sadness, fear, anger and joy.

And the only real tangible thing that we have of our memories are photographs. Have you ever felt the nostalgia when you are paging through an old school album. Or the yearning when you look at photo’s of a special trip you took? Or the joy when you show someone your wedding album? Or the desire to display all your children’s photos? Or the awe when you page through an old and fragile photo album of your great-grandmother? It doesn’t matter if it is an old memory, or a brand new one. We all need photos to help us remember. It is the greatest gift you can give your children and their children to come.

We would love to be part of your memories by giving you the photos to remember them by. Our specialty is wedding pictures, but we also do pictures of children, special functions, portraits, family photographs, portfolios and pictures just for fun – at your chosen location or in our fully-equipped studio.

BE Photography is a dynamic team, consisting of four photographers. We inspire one another with our different views, ideas and talents. We love working with people and want each photographic session to be a great experience. We are way ahead with original photography, pure creativity, technical expertise and the ability to capture your real character and spirit.

We are one happy family, doing what we love.

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