One of those weddings where I earned my badge as a strong woman!! (or stupid – that remains in the eye of the beholder).

Everything was perfect up until the moment when we finished up doing the bridal party photographs and I managed to fracture my foot with some serious soft tissue damage- when I fell from a tree trunk.

And there I was, I literary felt like passing out of pain. I just remembered shouting to my second shooter to go on shooting while a paramedic (one of the guests) bandaged my foot and off I went again. Thank goodness for Mybulen and an AWESOME second shooter.

The bridal couple were so easy to work with. Erin has this natural beauty and Jason could not take his eyes off her. So in love as if they met the day before! Erin and Jason was so caring and we had the most amazing day – foot and all. A memorable wedding for sure.

Thank you Bertus Meyer for saving me from an epic fail! You are my best friend and I can always count on you. Enjoy the album!!




Jason and Erin

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