At last I can share with you the wedding pictures of the winners of Win Your Dream Wedding at 401 Rozendal Competition.

I am overjoyed that you won the competition because I just loved your joy and zest for life. Never a dull moment for sure.

BE Photography together with 401 Rozendal had a Win Your Dream Wedding Competition and after a month of voting Andre and Michay won.

From the very beginning Michay was pure joy to work with, always bubbly and friendly.

Together with 401 Rozendal we planned the perfect wedding.

The happy couple got married in the attic chapel and proceeded having canapes on the lawn.

It was the perfect day for a wedding.

“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

— Franklin P. Jones See Less

Their love story was published in My Wedding Tribe, here is what Michay had to say.

Our love story

Peter and I Met the summer of 2009 at a dance club I’ll never forget the night I noticed him.
He was wearing a bright pink golf shirt , Levi jeans and and the most perfect butt I had ever seen. Not surprised I met my husband in a club I was certainly wild in my twenties. Always leaving the clubs when the sun came up never wanting the night to end. Peter quite the opposite he would come to the club play some pool enjoy one or two drinks with his friends and was home at a reasonable time.
The night we met was a wild one tho. At the club Peter was there with friends. Certainly a little more tipsy then usual ,hip thrusting in his underwear in the middle of the dance floor .
To me this was hilarious and certainly caught my attention.
While casually flirting with him there was another girl trying to get his attention. I noticed , I also saw that he noticed, like most men this really stroked his ego. I quickly told him I’m not playing games with you boy,you either with me or with her, right there he picked me up like something in a movie and kissed me.To say from that day on our attraction for one another was electric is an understatement.

After 3 short months it was official we were dating and crazy in-love. The kind of love where no matter what we always had to-be touching, when he called I never wanted to hang up. When he picked me up I always wanted to look effortlessly beautiful. I wanted to spend every second with him and him with me. We would stay out late jump over my parents gate at night and I would sneak him in.
I’ll never forget the nights he would sleep over. I would lay in his arms both of us sweating our faces off but just not wanting to let go.
I laugh now, but it was really a crazy,wild love.
Peter is the sweetest, kindest , loving person I know he treats me with great respect. He loves like I’ve never been loved before, but what I love the most about him is the fact that he can make me laugh. “Live to laugh” has always been my motto in life and boy do we laugh.

He makes me want to-be the best version of myself and that’s why I married him.
We dated for 10 years before I heard the words WILL YOU MARRY ME! Always planning and talking about the life we wanted. Our travel dreams how many kids we wanted ect. Getting married wasn’t anything we were stressed about or pressured to do. We always new we wanted to be married we were just always to broke to do it.
After some work abroad and savings we finally did it.
It was a very unexpected proposal on a catamaran on New Year’s Eve in Cape Town.
After almost a year of being engaged we threw all our savings into this special day. We entered a competition on Facebook and won a discount on our dream venue at Rozendal in Stellenbosch and our photographer package at zero cost with the Amazing Bernadette to me shes B! What a win!
I’ll never forget her words when she sent me our photos, she told me that we were the most fun and happiest couple she had ever photographed.

That is a true testament to who we are daily. Always having fun , laughing and overall positively happy.
We not perfect and yes we disagree with respect. We have different opinions we can both be a little impatient and stubborn. We don’t shower each other with lavish gifts and grand over the top gestures. After 10 years of dating and now
3 years of marriage, one beautiful child later we may not sleep in each other’s arms sweating our faces off anymore, but we always have to touch. May it be a finger ,a foot ,a leg we just always need to touch. Knowing the other person is there.We take the opportunity to dance barefoot in the kitchen to good old Springsteen when the opportunity arises. We still love hard and laugh loud together. We still talk about all our hopes and dreams and in those small moments lies true love, to me.

I really count my lucky stars , some say they don’t make men like Peter anymore . I’m grateful I found a good man. We have the most precious little girl who completed us , we’ve immigrated to another country and live a simple little farm life.
We still have many dreams and goals we want to accomplish.
We look at each day like it’s new day. A new day with a little laughter, a little adventure and always a little Bruce Springsteen in the background…

“Well, it’s Saturday night
You’re all dressed up in blue
I been watching you awhile
Maybe you been watching me, too
So somebody ran out
Left somebody’s heart in a mess
Well, if you’re looking for love
Honey, I’m tougher than the rest”

Dear reader; May you find your love and laughter where ever you go!


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