Wedding Photography Packages Explained

You are engaged, Congratulations!!!

Are you feeling overwhelmed planning your wedding? To much information, to little information or maybe you do not understand all the information.

We are here to help.

-What is a engagement photo session?
This is a photography term for a pre-wedding photo session or couple photo session. We highly recommend including a engagement photo session in your package – see this as a practice run for your wedding day, especially if you are not comfortable in front of the camera. Many couples use these images for their wedding invites and you will treasure these moments forever.
A couple photo session is between 40-60 minutes.
Most engagement photo sessions will take place during the week or on a Sunday, most photographers reserve Saturdays for weddings.
I cannot stress enough how important the time of day of the photo session (any photo session for that matter) is.  Book your session for golden hour, 45 minutes before sunset and 15 minutes after.
There are different themes available, you can choose between an urban vibe, fun romantic beach session or maybe sunset in the vineyards or a field.  Your photographer will be able to assist you with recommendations.
Please keep in mind that you require a permit to shoot in some public locations and most wine farms ask a minimal fee.

-For how many hours do I need to book a wedding photographer on my wedding day?
This depends entirely on your expectation and needs. There are so many options, let me explain.
Here is an approximate estimate of how long it will take to photograph different aspects of a wedding:  Decor (20-30min), bride prep (1 – 2 hours) & groom prep (30-40 minutes), ceremony (45min – 1hr), family (20min), bridal party (30min), couple (1hr) & reception (2-3hr).

3 hours: This is for small weddings or elopements. This is ideal if you are on a budget, but you still want quality – this way you get beautiful photos of your day without spending too much.

6 hours: This is also suitable for a morning wedding; you might want photos of you getting ready, the romantic couple photo session and then also a few photos of your brunch/lunch after the ceremony.

8 & 10 hours: This is ideal for a full wedding day where you want all the different parts of your wedding day photographed.
TIP: Please always keep the time from driving in between venues in mind. If you are getting married at a different location than the reception venue. Photography hours run consecutively.

-“What is a second shooter & assistant?”
An assistant is not a second shooter, sometimes they are not even photographers at all. Their main purpose is to help carry the photographers gear, help with set up etc.
A second shooter is qualified photographer assisting the lead photographer. They both photograph the wedding, but at different angles. The photographers do not split up between the bride and groom preparation if this is in different locations, it is always important to remember that they use the same vehicle and if you require each photographer in a different location, extra cost will be encured for traveling.


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